Updates from Summer Part 1: American Harp Society Summer Institute (June 2015)

Dear friends,

It has been quite a while since I last wrote..... I had a rather busy and fruitful summer this year. I was invited to participate at the American Harp Society Summer Institute in Logan, Utah in June.
My performance of the New Chinese Folk Songs and Wendy Lee's world premiere were both receivd warmly. I am very honored that it was attended by Cherly Cunningham, Chairman of the Board of American Harp Society Inc., as well as the First Lady of Utah State University, amongst other enthusiastic participants of the Summer Institute.

Here are some of the highlights at the Conference:

      Taken at the Art Museum where I performed the new works, before my performance.
     At the food truck with Kathy Kienzle, Chairman of the World Harp Congress. 

             Staying warm during a concert with Lucy Scandrett and Jane Bishop, past President and                            past Chairman of the Board of AHS.

 Enjoying the amazing young talents at the final prize-winner concert of the competition.

Listening to the educational Orchestral Project Concert.

            Last but not least, kudos to the hosting committee Anamae Anderson and Chilali                                      Hugo for your hospitality!!!


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