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Review of "Jasmine" by Harp Column Magazine (May 2017)

Below is a recent review written by Jan Jennings at the HARP COLUMN Magazine (May/June Issue 2017) on my arrangement of Chinese folk song, "Jasmine," for solo harp. Excerpts from the REVIEW: "Dr. Teresa Suen-Campbell has recently published her intermediate arrangement of “Jasmine.” She explains there are two different versions of this popular Chinese folk song and her arrangement combines them both. After Puccini used the melody in his opera,  Turandot , the tune became familiar in the West. Today in China, it is nearly as popular and important as their national anthem. Teresa Suen-Campbell has arranged the Chinese folk song “Jasmine” for solo pedal harp. Presented in 2/4, her arrangement begins with a trill and a long arpeggio that carries you into the upper register for the beginning of the first theme. The familiar melody begins at measure 21 with the left hand playing groups of three sixteenth notes s