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Students' Harp Recital at Chartwell Waterford Long Term Care (June 12, 2022) 2-3 pm

Harp students from Dr Suen-Campbell’s harp studio will be performing a recital for the residence at Chartwell Waterford long term care residence in Oakville, Ontario. Students featured: Daniel Campbell, Christopher Campbell, Cathy Chan, Angel Gao, Eva Gao, Bernice Li, Katie Li, Emily Man, Zoya Melnykova and Maya Rispoli (in alphabetical order). They will be performing works by B. Andres, C.P.E. Bach, Elizabeth Volpe-Bligh, Benjamin Britten, Kirchhoff/M. Grandjany,  Hasselmans, Samuel Milligan, Carlos Salzedo and Valery Tihonova. Address: 2140 Baronwood Drive, Oakville, ON

Harp solo arrangement "Jasmine" featured in Harp Column Music 's Blog "Around the World"

My arrangement of Chinese folk song "Jasmine" is currently featured in the article " Around the World " on the blog of  Harp Column Music, written by Liana Alpino.