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The joy of cooking

Apart from harp playing, I enjoy eating and cooking. I always love cooking, because it is a very creative process and it relaxes me a lot. When I was pregnant with Christopher, I started to be more careful and aware of what I eat. And now, being a mother and having to cook for a young baby, I am more cautious with reading nutrient labels when I buy processed food and learnt to buy more naturally grown food. As a result, I feel healthier myself.  I am very grateful that I am able to take a sabbatical this last year and have a restful recovery after childbirth. I am enjoying every single moment of motherhood--even though it can be overwhelming at times--I enjoy watching our family and our son grows every day.     This last month we stayed mostly at home because of the winter season in Canada. Getting tired of my own cooking, I explored some new recipes, and most of all, in Canadian style. I made dishes such as cassoulet, bake pork chops and grilled pork tenderloin. My husband,