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Debut Recital in Toronto

Date:  October 18th, 2017  (WED)  Time: 12 noon . Venue: St. Andrew's Church             73 Simcoe St., Toronto, ON Tickets and info :    http://www.toucoll PROGRAM : Jasmine (JiangSu Chinese folk song)                    arranged by Teresa Suen-Campbell Sprinkles and Splashes  (2015)                              by Wendy Wan-Ki Lee Homage to Debussy, for flute and harp  (2009)        by Norma Beecroft                  “Prelude” from Suite in E Major BWV1006a            by J.S. Bach                    Toward the Sea III, for alto flute and harp  (1989)   by Toru Takemitsu                Sonata for Harp  (1939)                                           by Paul Hindemith  Special Guest: Stephen Tam (Flute)